Bachelor Producers Reveal Entire Season is Created in a Mad Lib

Revealing that every season follows the same Mad Lib template, producers shock fans by revealing behind-the-scenes secrets of the show.


At the start of each season, the producers gather to play “Mad Lib: The Most Dramatic Season Ever”. Details of the current bachelor are penciled into each slot, along with descriptive adjectives such as “the most dramatic” and “the most shocking”, to produce the most exciting season ever seen, year after year.

The producers than fill in “The Bachelor Relationship Matrix” to identify the three main characters that will be developed throughout the show. Most importantly, they select the contestant that can be most easily portrayed as the villain, and begin collecting footage that can later be taken out of context to make people despise her. The also select the nice girl who never gets noticed and the girl with the tragic past.

The Bachelor: Relationship Matrix (Seasons 1-99)


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